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Adult Dance Classes in East London

Fun, Friendly & Welcoming Dance Classes for all abilities

Adore Dance London offers adult dance classes and lessons in East London across various styles & disciplines. There are different classes for every experience & ability level to ensure you're working with a class containing a similar bunch of friendly students. 

This means if you're dancing for the first time as a total beginner, or as an experienced dancer, there's truely a class for everybody!

Our classes take place at dance studios in East London across multiple styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Commercial, Contemporary, Latin, Barre Fitness & more.

If you're unsure on which level to start at, check out our beginner-to-advance guide here.

Alternatively, get in touch –or– book in for our Beginner Class and the teacher will be able to help you choose which level would suit you best moving forward.

After booking your initial class online, our classes work on a flexible class membership system. This guarantees your space in the class each week and you're charged for the weeks you attend. You'll be with the same group of like-minded folks each week and get to know each other & work on routines together - great fun!

What To Expect

Creating FUN & welcoming classes is our top priority, but with time, you can also expect the following from our dance lessons:

  • Personalized guidance, feedback, and support from your professional and qualified teacher (who will be with you each week)

  • The opportunity to learn dance movements and dance vocabulary

  • The development of basic dance steps and techniques

  • A focus on improving coordination, balance, pose, and strength

  • The chance to work on routines with other like-minded dancers each week

Levels Exlpained

  • Beginner - You’re brand new to dance in general –or– you've had several years away from dance (even back as a child) and prefer a more gentle re-introduction.

  • Beginner Plus - You've done a Beginner class for 6+ months within the last few years –or– you danced to a high standard as a child and remember bits & bobs

  • Improver - You've danced 6-12months as a beginner within the last few years and you're ready for a faster pace

  • Intermediate - You’ve danced recently for 1-2yrs as an improver/intermediate dancer

  • Advanced - You’ve danced at an intermediate level for 2yrs+ and are ready for a step-up –or– you're a former professional dancer looking to get back into dance at a higher level

  • Professional - You're a professional dancer looking to take class from leading UK teachers

  • Teacher Training - You’re looking to take the next step and gain IDTA teaching qualifications


If you have any doubts about what level to come in at, get in touch –or– book in for our Beginner Class and the teacher will be able to help you choose which level would suit you best moving forward.

What to Bring

class types
  • Clothes: We're pretty relaxed. You can wear anything cool, comfortable and easy to move in, e.g. activewear, leggings/tshirt, tracksuit etc.

  • Shoes: If you don't have specialist shoes, you're welcome to do the class in barefoot, socks, or clean, dry & light-soled (non-marking) trainers 

  • Water Bottle: Tap water is available onsite

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