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Free Dance Studio Time in London

2024 Artistic Residency Programme

Reimagine Your Artistic Practice: Adore Dance London Artist Residency

Calling all London-based professional dance artists and companies! 

Are you searching for:
  • Free studio space to rehearse and develop your project?

  • Expert guidance from experienced artistic & funding professionals?

  • Exposure to new audiences through student classes and community engagement?

  • Funding opportunities to bring your work to life?

  • Connections to paid choreography, teaching, and performance opportunities?


Adore Dance London is pleased to offer our state-of-the-art facilities to artists and companies for rehearsals and project development at no cost, in exchange for opening your company class and/or engaging with our schools development programme

Why Choose Adore Dance London for your residency?

Unlike larger conservatories and performing arts centres, our residency programme offers a unique, personalised experience.  We provide a supportive environment where you can connect with industry professionals, refine your artistic approach, and gain valuable exposure.

We understand the challenges faced by independent artists.  Our flexible residency programme is designed to be accessible and beneficial to all, whilst also being sustainable for the maintenance of the studio.

What We Offer:
  • Studio Space: Rehearse and develop your work in our fully-equipped studio spaces. We offer in-kind studio access every Friday from 9am to 6pm for up to 10 weeks (a value of £270 per week).

  • Artistic Development: Receive guidance from our experienced artistic team, teachers, producers and choreographers. Gain valuable insights on your work and receive constructive feedback to push your artistic boundaries.

  • Business/Marketing Development: Our dedicated business, funding and marketing experts will provide feedback on the “behind the scenes” logistics of launching & funding of your project. Get valuable advice on marketing strategies, funding opportunities, and audience engagement to help you turn your artistic vision into reality.

  • Networking: Our full studio team at your disposal to make connections, and reach out to (on your behalf) to your top potential mentors 

  • Paid Work:  Our talent team to attend rehearsal to scout for paid choreography/teaching/pro dance work in our dance college, competition teams, show productions, TV/Film/Events agency, monthly masterclasses etc

  • Funding: Resident artists gain exclusive access to apply for annual funding pools, giving you the financial resources to bring your project to life.

  • Performance Space: Selected residents can host fundraising evenings & performances to our dance community

  • Promotion: Adore Dance to promote your artistic residency on social media and newsletter, raising awareness of you and your project

What we ask for in return (flexible!): 
  • A mixture of these two options per week of your residency: 

    • Pro Class: 1x 1-1.5hr slot in your day for a pro class, open to your co-artists, our students and your wider community (invite your network)

    • Community Class: 1x 1-1.5hr workshop as part of our engagement projects in schools and local communities in East London

  • Studio Levy: £30 weekly flat fee for all day usage to cover studio cleaning and maintenance* - All proceeds from your pro class (£8 per person) goes to this fund. Any shortfall to be made up by the Lead Artist (so artists are encouraged to promote your pro class bookings!) with payment or additional community class time.

  • Promotion: 1x mention during your residency on social media tagging Adore Dance London

  • Paperwork: For administrative purposes, we require proof of public liability insurance from lead-artist/company and damage deposit* so the next artists/students feel just as welcome as you did. This means one of the following: 1) card details on hold/preauth, or 2) £100 cash or bank xfer which is refunded back 1 day after studio usage ends

  • All applications must be completed by a “lead-artist” who are welcome to represent themselves or a company

  • In addition to the lead-artist, your work involves other artists, up to a limit of 15 artists - all your artists do not need to be onsite each week of your residency 

  • Artists could include performers, choreographers, directors, designers, composers, musicians, film makers, visual artists and writers

  • All artists are professionals with a working practice - we are unable to accept applications from degree (or equivalent) students.

  • We are a child friendly space so please be aware of this during rehearsal time


*We are a small privately funded dance school which has invested considerably into creating a welcoming dance space available for all. Most residencies are run by conservatoires or performing arts centres with larger funding and staffing teams, so ours works a little differently. Our residency programme is not for profit, but flat fees help us keep the studio clean and in good repair whilst providing artists with a fixed and budgeable cost. Deposits help us protect the studio from damage so the next artists/students feel just as welcome as you did.


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, throughout the entire year. Rest assured that your application has been received when you receive a confirmation email. Unfortunately we are unable to give feedback on unsuccessful applications - only successful applicants will be contacted.
Re-application is welcome after 3 months. 

Adore Dance Artist in Residency Application

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