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Barre Fitness in East London

East London’s more accessible (and affordable!) answer to the trendy “Barre Fitness Revolution” taking over London’s West End.

Book Your Barre Fitness Class at Adore Dance London’s Barre Studio today.

Adore Dance London’s Barre Fitness classes in Hackney Wick, Stratford, Bow & Hackney are the answer to a fun & efficient workout without the gym. With the very best of 90s, 00s and current music to keep you going, you’re in for an intense, full-body workout that’s also gentle on your body with very low impact. Our Barre Studio blends Ballet, Yoga & Pilate movements and uses specialist equipment (provided); the class runs at a fast pace which can be adjusted for all levels. As well as being great as a workout in general, Barre Fitness also strengthens the same muscles used when dancing so it can be a great addition to your dance AND fitness schedule.

Suitable For:

  • Perfect for first-timers 

  • All fitness levels, even if it’s been years since your last workout

  • Dancers of any level who want to improve their endurance, flexibility and strength

  • Those recovering from repetitive impact injuries*

  • Those who want a different style of workout to those offered in gyms


What to Expect:

  • Movements inspired by Ballet, Yoga & Pilates at the Barre and Floor (Yoga Matt recommended)

  • Low Impact full-body workout, perfect for injury recovery* & those with sore knees, hips and/or ankles

  • Adjustable for all shapes, sizes & fitness levels, even if you're never done anything like this before

  • Fun & Energetic tunes to spur you on - the best of 90s, 00s & current

  • Experienced, Qualified & Knowledgeable Instructor to adapt movements to you

  • Small class sizes for more interaction & tailored workouts


After your first taster lesson (book here), you’ll have the opportunity to join the class as a member. You’ll only pay for the classes you attend and your space is reserved for you automatically each week so there’s no rush to book into the class. It also means you’ll be able to meet the same people in the class each week and everybody grabbing coffee for a chat before class isn’t unheard of!


Barre Fitness is a fun way to burn calories, let off some steam and manage your weight as part of an active lifestyle. Depending on the intensity you choose, your heart rate can reach up to 80% max, which can result in up to 500 calories burned in a 45min class. 


*always be sure to inform your expert class instructor of any injuries


Try out Barre Fitness Class today:


Book Barre Fitness Classes in East London

6:15pm - 6:55pm

Signature Barre Fitness

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Signature Barre Fitness

6:15pm - 6:55pm

Signature Barre Fitness