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Adult Commercial & HipHop Classes in East London

Dancing to the retro tunes, reliving music videos, classic hip hop & R&B playlists or strutting your stuff in your fav pair of heels

It goes without saying that Commercial & Hip Hop dance classes are serious fun. Learn more…

Our Commercial Dance Classes in East London take influence from Freestyle, HipHop, Jazz, Vouging, Pop dancing and more for a seriously fun class with something for everybody.


Join us for Commercial dance classes in Hackney Wick, Stratford, Bow & Hackney where you’ll learn both custom choreography and the classic routines to your fav songs from 90s, 00s and present day. Students of each class generally take turns in picking tunes every few weeks for the teacher to choreograph a routine too, so everybody’s taste is covered, from Abba to Justin Timberlake to Lil Nas X, Eminem to Spice Girls to Sean Paul; and everything in between! Read more: "What is Commercial Dance?"


Also try our Diva Heels class with either trainers, socks or Heels to strut your stuff to the most female-empowering songs of the century.  


Adore Dance London is East London’s leading hub for dance, with styles ranging from Ballet to HipHop, Contemporary Jazz to Diva Heels- there’s a style for everybody at any level. Beginners to advanced dancers are welcome! Our dance school even train the trainers with Freestyle & HipHop dance teacher qualifications available too.


Commercial dance classes are the perfect way to let off some steam, meet new friends and most importantly, have fun! You’ll be with the same group of friendly local people every week.


What to Expect:

  • All level classes - perfect for Total beginners, as well as, returners to dance 

  • Fun, Friendly & Social focused classes to amazing tunes

  • The same group of dancers every week so you can work on routines together

  • Small class sizes for maximum input from the expert teacher

  • Collaborative soundtrack choices led by students & teacher

Commercial Dance Classes

Schedule for Commercial Dance Classes

Beginner Commercial Pop




Omega Works, Roach Road

Beginner Commercial Pop




Omega Works, Roach Road

Beginner HipHop Groove




Omega Works, Roach Road

Beginner PLUS Commercial Pop




Omega Works, Roach Road

Beginner Musical Theatre




Omega Works, Roach Road

Commercial Dance Styles

Commercial Pop

The best of #ThrowbackThursdays with this class - ultra-fun pop tunes with amazing, yet easy-to-pick-up custom choreography. Class students choose a different song every 3-4 weeks for the teacher to create an awesome routine. Everything from Abba to Madona has been done so far, check out our Instagram for some videos of past routines.   


Commercial Diva

For this class, you’ll embrace your inner diva to strut your stuff in our safe & welcoming dance studio. This class is suitable for all levels, and can be done in heels, trainers, socks or barefoot. Learn to impress with the iconic moves you can use on the dancefloor


Commercial HipHop & Freestyle

Our HipHop & Freestyle classes span Hip-Hop, as well as, multiple genres like Breakdance, Afrobeats, Popping & Locking, House, Dancehall and much more! You’ll work on technique & routines to improve your abilities, as well as, focus on improvisation.


Freestyle Teacher Training

Through the International Dance Teacher’s Association (IDTA), Freestyle dance teacher qualifications are available to experienced professional dancers or teachers at any point in their career. More information here.


If you’re already in our commercial dance classes and want to up your game, or fancy something different, we also recommend: Ballet Classes to go back to basics on the most classical form of dance there is. Feel the contrasts between one of the oldest vs. newest styles of dance! Or, why not try our Barre Fitness class to increase your stamina and strength to dance harder, faster & longer!

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