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BTEC Lv3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) in London

Preparing 16-18yrs for SUCCESS in professional dance & performing arts

BTEC Dance College in London

"As industry professionals, all our teachers know first-hand how important this 16-18yr study age is. Performers find their artistic style and refine their skills ready for the real world.
This excellent course allows students to gain the technical knowledge, industry connections and real-world experiences they need to succeed in their professional dance and performing arts careers"

Connor Taylor, Founder of Adore Dance London, Former World Professional Ballet Dancer

Course Overview

Our BTEC Dance Diploma is a two-year, full-time program designed to prepare students for a successful career in the performing arts. The program provides a comprehensive foundation in dance technique, theory, and performance, and allows students to specialize in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their choreographic, teaching, and performance skills.

Designed specifically for 16-18 year olds, the BTEC Dance Diploma is a rigorous and demanding program, but it is also highly rewarding. Students will have the opportunity to work with world-renowned dance professionals, gain valuable experience in the dance industry, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive world of dance.

If you are passionate about dance and have a strong desire to succeed in the performing arts, then our BTEC Dance Diploma is the perfect program for you.

How to Join London's Premier Dance College:

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Pearson BTEC Level 3
National Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance Pathway) 

Equivalent to up to 3x A-Levels

Study Type:
Full Time, 2 Years, Fully Funded

Hackney Wick Campus (East London)


Career Pathway:

Graduates can pursue a career in Dance, Singing, or Acting, or continue their studies with a performing arts degree.

Entry Requirements


Course Details

Why Study With Us?

A-Level Dance vs BTEC Dance

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Attend an Open Day Workshop
Open Days: 27th October, 8th December, 23rd Feb and/or 14th April 

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Opens September 2024, Closes 25th April

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Join an Audition & Interview - can be during an open day or arranged separately  

Dates: 27th October, 8th December, 23rd Feb, 14th April and/or arranged separately  

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Career Pathways:

Dancer           Editor           Singer            Actor            Camera  Operator        Voiceover Artist            Theatre Technician           Costumier            Event Management            Performer           Graphic      Designer           Photographer           Arts Fundraising            Community Arts Worker  Model            Stage Manager            Choreographer     Producer            Dance Teacher            Lecturer            Director            Drama Teacher            Therapist            Stand-Up Comedian            Stage Crew    Screenwriter            Practitioner            Circus Artist            Lighting      Designer            Playwright            Movement Therapist            Artistic      Director            Arts Administrator            Singer            Set Designer           

Entry Requirements


Entry is by Audition only, GCSE grades are important but won't hold you back. Please apply early to be notified of audition dates which fill up quickly.
If you didn't achieve GCSE English/Maths 4 or above, you will be able to restudy.

Application Process: 

  1. Apply Here (Free)

  2. Interview & Audition

  3. You're In! Starting September



Course Fees:

  • UK Residents, Age 16-18: No Course Fees Due (Fully Funded)

  • Non-UK Residents: Fees may apply, please contact us

Additional Fees:

  • £100 Uniform Fee

Bursary/financial support is available for those eligible.

Optional Add-On Fees:
In addition to the BTEC course, the following optional extras are available to gain additional performance opportunities & employable qualifications:

  • Elite Competition Team - £50 per month* - Showcase your talent at top theatres across London & the South East, inclusive of 1h additional rehearsals per week (term time), choreography, costumes & entry fees

  • IDTA Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching - TBC per month* - Two year course to formally qualify in the teaching of Ballet, Contemporary Jazz, Theatre Craft, Freestyle & Tap. Inclusive of books, exam fees, 1:1 lessons (term time)

  • Fitness & Conditioning Classes - 50% discount - on all fitness classes run at the studio, normally schedule before and after college hours

  • Professional Class - £5 per class - through Adore Dance's Artist in Residency Programme, we welcome a professional dancer/choreographer to our facility to run a professional class each week (outside of college hours). This broadens students' experience working alongside various practitioners, as well as networking in dance & performing arts world.

* Fees are calculated per year, divided by 12 months even if tuition is term time only. 

Course Details


Course is delivered by industry professionals and specialist teachers to provide students with a well rounded and tailored education. This course is reflective of dance training across the UK, in an industry where hard work, talent and a desire to succeed are extremely important.

Time Allocation (approx):

  • ​Working with Industry Professionals - 40%

  • Working with Specialist Teachers - 55%

  • Work Experience - 5%


​Urban Practices: Commercial, Street, HipHop Fundamentals

Classical Practices: Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap

Musical Theatre Practices: Ensemble Singing, Acting, Improvisation, Vocal technique, Musicality

Career Progression: Audition Technique, CV Workshop, Performance Technique, Choreography

Student Welfare & Support:
Graduates are both mentally and physically prepared to be industry-ready. Weekly stretching & body conditioning classes, coupled with regular wellbeing and healthy dancer sessions, are integral components of our curriculum. Prioritising student wellbeing and mental health is at the forefront of our course delivery. Graduates are prepared for both the industry's demands but also armed with an understanding of their mental wellbeing, empowering them to navigate life's challenges and paving the path for a successful and enduring career in the industry.


Internal & External Assessments - 100% coursework/practice assessment

Personalised Goals and Positive Evaluation

One-2-One Tutorial Time for Tailored Learning

Audition / Interview Process:

Entry is by Audition only, fill out the application form and we will contact you for relevant audition dates. 

We understand it may be prospective student's first audition when applying for the course, and we provide a welcoming environment. 

Auditions are a way for us to get to know prospective students. They involve an open dance class where students will follow an instructor, learning basic choreography and an interview. It's also your opportunity to ask questions and learn about us.

Accommodation Information:

Students travel from all over the country to access our leading dance programmes. If students are moving away from home to study with us, students & parents/carers will need to source their own accommodation. We are located moments from Hackney Wick Overground station and Stratford Station in Zone 2 London, easily accessible from many transport links. 


The course is delivered as part of our partnership with a national college and is based at our studios in Hackney Wick, East London


100% of our learners have positive destinations to auditions to advanced Performing Arts training schools, Degree Programmes and/or employment directly into the industry.

Why Us

Why Study With Us?

Small class sizes and personalized attention

As a dedicated dance campus, we only offer one BTEC programme, meaning all our faculty's focus is on you. This ensures that each student receives the support they need to reach their full potential.

Real-world education format

Through the various performance opportunities in the course, students apply, audition and learn each role simulating performing arts auditions after graduation. Our industry-expert teachers and choreographers know what it takes to succeed, so provide positive feedback along the way. Graduates have fantastic audition confidence and technique as a result.

Great Location & Facilities

Train in Hackney Wick "London's coolest neighbourhood" in a purpose build dance facility with sprung Harlequin flooring, a stone's throw from the QE Olympic Park and Westfield Shopping Centre.

Emphasis on creativity and self-expression

As industry professionals, our faculty realise first-hand how important the 16-18 development stage is. We encourage students to explore their creativity and develop their own unique artistic voice. The college's supportive and nurturing environment allows students to feel comfortable taking risks and experimenting with different styles of dance.

Strong industry connections

We have strong connections with the dance industry, providing students with opportunities to network with professionals, attend workshops, and perform in showcases. This exposure to the industry helps students to prepare for a successful career in dance.

Diverse range of dance styles

We offer a diverse range of dance styles, from classical ballet and contemporary dance to jazz, hip hop, and musical theatre. This allows students to explore their interests and develop a well-rounded dance education. There are also singing and acting opportunities to ensure best chances in future career or education.

Attend an Open Day

Ultimately, the best way to decide if we are the right choice for you is to visit the college and speak to the staff and students. This will give you a chance to get a feel for the school's atmosphere, meet the teachers, and learn more about the programme.

BTEC vs A-Level Dance

A v B

Both BTEC Dance and A-Level Dance are qualifications that can prepare students for a dance career. However, there are some key differences between the two qualifications.

BTEC Dance

A BTEC Dance is a vocational qualification that is equivalent to three A-Levels. It is a more practical course than A-Level Dance, and it focuses on developing students' technical skills, performance skills, and choreographic skills. BTEC Dance courses typically include a mix of classroom-based learning, practical workshops, and performance opportunities.

A-Level Dance

An A-Level Dance is a more academic qualification than a BTEC Dance. It focuses on developing students' understanding of dance theory, dance history, and dance critique. A-Level Dance courses typically include a mix of classroom-based learning, dance workshops, and written assessments. You'll likely also learn a-level dance alongside other subjects, meaning your specific dance training hours per week are significantly lower.

Which qualification is right for me?

The best qualification for you will depend on your individual goals and interests. If you are interested in pursuing a career in dance as a performer or choreographer, then a BTEC Dance would be a good choice. If you are more interested in the academic side of dance, then an A-Level Dance would be a better option.


Application Form

Applications for September 2025 are OPEN

Once your application is reviewed, we will contact you with interview/audition date options.

Questions, please contact:

Sept 2025 Application Form
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Thanks for being in touch! We'll reach out to your when audition dates and open dates are available


Adore Dance London

East London's Leading Hub of Dance

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