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Adult & Children Dance Classes in Stratford 

Dance Lessons in Stratford, East London for Adults & Kids

Stratford is home of the 30th Summer Olympic Games in 2012... but also the home of Adore Dance London.
Our Fun & Friendly Dance classes in Stratford for Adults & Children foster an amazing culture. You can expect to have fun and be social; whilst still developing great technique, confidence and strength as a dancer.

Adore Dance London's Principal Teacher, Connor Taylor, has lived in Stratford for 7+ years. The area is very close in the hearts of the team. We're a local business championing the East London community, aiming to Get East London Moving Again! We offer a huge range of classes:

Our dancers regularly perform at local events such as: The East Village Summer Fete, alongside Toploader ("Dancing in the Moonlight"); All Points East, Victoria Park; The 10-year anniversary celebrations for the 2012 London Olympic games at The Great Get Together 2022... and many more

Our dance school is located just moments from Stratford, East London. We easily serve Queen Elizabeth Park, East Village, Chobham Manor & more across E15 and E20 postcodes.


As an International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) accredited dance school, we can offer examinations to students willing to do so. There are also regular performance opportunities at events & showcases for parents. Equally, if you just want to same some fun, that's good for us too! We keep our class sizes small, at a maximum of 10 students, so you'll always benefit from great tuition.

Our expert teachers run dance lessons for Adults & Children in Stratford across multiple disciplines:

  • Ballet

  • Tap

  • Contemporary Jazz

  • Modern Jazz

  • Contemporary

  • Commercial

  • Dance Fitness

Children Dance Classes in Stratford, East London

For Children, our dance classes start with an introduction to movement from age 3 with our PeeWee Ballet Class. Our Ballet & Contemporary Jazz classes then continue through groups aged 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs and ages 10+. There's also the option from 7-years-old to add Tap dancing to the mix. Our children's lessons run on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

As children progress through our dance classes, they will build confidence & strength in the fundamentals of Ballet, Contemporary Jazz & Tap. The IDTA dance syllabus work is incorporated naturally as dancers learn steps, rather than the syllabus being taught from the outset.


This results in dancers having a wider and deeper knowledge of dance from a younger age. It also inspires their curiosity and love of dance that's so important to develop early on. Our teachers are experienced & knowledgable enough to balance exam results & awards with actually crafting great dancers.  

Adult Dance Classes in Stratford, East London

For Adults, our lessons are fun & friendly in their style and always remain a social & judgement free space. Try our Barre Fitness classes to get your full-body workout. Or go back to basics with Beginner Ballet (our most popular class).


Our adult dance classes combine fantastic tuition with the opportunity to meet new people with dance as a common interest. There's a WhatsApp group for every class, and there are often students grabbing coffee before class, and/or walking home together. We also organise regular social events across the different classes to further the dancers network you can create. Dancing as an adult is so much more than just dancing - it's a community!


You're bound to find the right class for you with our Dance Classes in Stratford. 

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