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Pro Dance Classes in London

Weekly Professional Classes from UKs top Teachers & Choreographers

Dance professionals, step into the world of Adore Dance London, where artistry meets precision, passion ignites creativity, and dedication transforms into mastery. Our meticulously curated professional dance classes in Ballet and Contemporary are designed to elevate your skills, refine your technique, and propel you towards the pinnacle of dance excellence.

Date/Times: Various (see schedule)
Age: 18+ years
Price: Varies (from £8)
Level: Professional
Location: Adore Dance London, Hackney Wick

  • Wednesdays with Connor - Pro Ballet Class: Our Principal Teacher and former world professional ballet dancer offers advanced/pro level ballet class.
    Often spectated by internal & external choreographers, producers & talent agents

  • Resident Artist - Pro Various Styles Class: Adore Dance London's Artist in Residence delivers weekly pro class in a style of their choosing

  • You or someone you know what to host a Pro Class? Apply for our Residency Programme or Get in Touch

HowTo Book

Pro Dance Classes are pre-booking essential - closes 1 hour before class. Book Here

What To Expect

  • A challenging and demanding workout: Professional ballet classes are designed to push dancers to their limits and help them develop their technique, strength, and flexibility.

  • A focus on proper technique: Professional ballet instructors will provide students with detailed feedback on their alignment, posture, and execution of steps.

  • A strong emphasis on core strength and stability: Ballet requires a strong core to support the body and maintain proper alignment. Professional ballet classes will incorporate exercises to strengthen the core muscles.

  • A variety of exercises to target all muscle groups: Professional ballet classes will include exercises for the legs, arms, back, and core.

  • A focus on musicality and artistry: Professional ballet classes will help students develop their musicality and artistry by incorporating exercises that focus on phrasing, dynamics, and expression.

  • Opportunities to perform: We often provide attendees of pro classes with opportunities to perform in events, and guest artists in recitals

Adult  Professional Class Schedule

Adult Po

Pro Class with Orla Hardie and Daisy Dancer

Join us as we prepare to perform 'SKUMO' at Brighton Fringe. We will turn up the heat and delve into SKUMO's movement language which is full bodied and rich in texture.




Omega Works, Roach Road

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