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Competition Dance Team
in East London

Perform across London & the South East with
East London's Award Winning Competition Dance Teams

Adore Dance London is home to East London's award-winning competition dance teams, with squads available for first-time competitors to advanced pre-professionals, of all ages.

Our competition teams are available for any dancer who attends at least 1 hour of class each week with us, with entry slots available with each season. If you'd like to join, please contact us.


Going above the normal technique class, each team is made up of dedicated and talented dancers who have a passion for dance and strive for excellence. Dancers expand on their technique and learn fun routines in rehearsals each week, then are outfitted in costumes and have the opportunity to perform at competitions around London & the South East. 

Competitive dance shapes the confident and hard-working leaders of tomorrow. Dancers learn delayed gratification and that success is not an overnight or easy accomplishment. We use the challenges & disappointments that are natural in dance to build confidence, leadership & adventure to benefit the next generation of our community. We recognise winning is important and strive for success, but also value the journey.


Our dancers have won numerous awards and accolades over the years, including first place in multiple categories, best choreography, and overall champion. If you attend classes already, please contact us to join. If you're not attending our classes yet, please browse the schedule and we're happy to welcome you.

Team Schedule & Fees

  • Mondays, 4-5pm - Tots Performance Team (4-5yrs+)

  • Tuesdays, 4-5pm - Minis Performance Team (6-9yrs)

  • Fridays, 4-5pm - Junior Performance Team (9-16yrs) 

  • Fridays, 6-7pm - Senior Performance Team (16yrs+)

Fees start from £110 per term, inclusive of weekly rehearsals, costume hire & competition entry fees. 
Beginner levels are very welcome - doesn't matter if you've been coming for weeks or years.

Get in touch to join

For Parents: Creating a supporting competition dance culture

Mostly through over-dramatisation in TV shows, there are lots of stereotypes when it comes to joining dance competitions. We actively encourage parents to join us in creating a safe, happy & memorable experience for all our dancers and showcase the professionalism of our parent/child/studio unit. Parents should:

  • Read Emails about Competitions - 99% of everything you need to know has already been communicated, help us save time and enable our team to focus on the dancing

  • Give Dancers Space - Allow dancers to get focused and prepared by not hanging around rehearsals/backstage 

  • Follow Rehearsal Instructions - Realise that lateness can impact other dancers and make every effort to be in the right place at the right time

  • Be the Parent, not the Judge - Be your child's biggest cheerleader! Judges/teachers will provide professional, constructed critiques - please be a safe supporter, not a critical voice

  • Lead by Example - Never gossip or disparage teachers, dancers or other parents (of our studio and others). Parents are their child's shining light, and as we know all too well somethings, repeat our actions and the things we say. These harmful behaviours negatively impact the team dynamic & culture - please be supportive and thrive on everybody's successes

  • Be Prepared - Triple-check all costumes & sundries. Pack light snacks and water. 

  • Say Thank you! - Show your gratitude to teachers, competition staff and other performers for a great experience. Recognise their hard work and dedication, especially on long competition weekends.


New Students: Browse schedule and book class. Then once your child is settled into class (2-3 weeks) they are welcome to join the team
Existing Students: Please contact

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