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Pre-School Dance (3-4yrs)

Toddler & Pre-School Dance Classes for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds in East London

Welcome to your new dance family!

  • Programme: PreSchool

  • Ages: 3 and 4-year-olds, yet to start school / Eager 2.5yrs+ can try also

  • Location: We are based in Hackney Wick, East London. Find our address here.

  • Tuition Time: 30mins - 1 hour per week

  • Styles: Introduction to Ballet "PeeWee"

  • Price: 1 class, £5 per week / 2 classes, £9 per week

  • Trial: Book Here

  • Enrolment: Weekly rolling membership (pause/cancel with 7 days notice)

  • Uniform: Ballet shoes (barefoot/socks fine for first few weeks)

  • Parents: Welcome to Stay/Join In or Drop Off/Pick Up

  • Optional: Rosette Examinations, Summer Shows

  • Up Next: After starting school, students can move up to Elementary with more styles to try!

Our Pre-School PeeWee Ballet Programme was designed with your child's developmental needs in mind. Through fun and engaging activities, our classes incorporate the "see, say, and do" method to foster optimal learning. Children will learn left and right movements, syncopated rhythms (such as skipping versus galloping), spatial awareness, and collaboration skills, which are all essential preschool skills. Our toddler dance classes at Adore Dance London are perfect for developing your child's dance abilities while also promoting their overall growth and development. Join us today!

Programme Details

Our Pre-School dance programme for 3 and 4-year-olds involves the following:

  • Fundamentals - Fun introductions to music & movements

  • Parent Supervision - We encourage independence, but parents are welcome to join in

  • Weekly Dance Classes - Friendly & Welcoming classes running 49 weeks of the year

  • Outstanding Tuition - Professional IDTA Qualified Dance Teachers

  • Dance as a mechanism of wider learning - Students learn vital social & motor skills, as well as, dance

  • Student Progression - clear pathways for students to advance to higher levels 

  • No Monthly/Termly Commitment - Accessible weekly payments can be cancelled easily

  • Annual Summer Show (optional)

  • IDTA Examination Schedule (optional)

PeeWee Ballet 

Suitable For:

  • All Genders - Girls and Boys

  • Three-year-olds

  • Four-year-olds yet to start school

  • Children who have never danced before, or have a little experience

  • All energy levels, shy or outgoing

  • Children of parents who have lots or no experience or knowledge of dance

Adore Dance London is an IDTA registered school.png

  1. Improve Motor Skills: Dance classes help young children develop their gross motor skills and coordination. They learn to control their bodies while practising different movements, such as jumping, spinning, and skipping. Dance also helps develop fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination, through activities like finger plays and rhythm exercises

  2. Develop Social Skills: Dance classes provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers and develop their social skills. Through dance, children learn to take turns, share, and collaborate with others. They also learn about spatial awareness and how to move in a group, which are important skills for everyday life

  3. Grow Cognitive Skills: Dancing involves memorising steps and sequences, which helps to develop children's memory skills. It also encourages children to use their imaginations, creativity, and problem-solving skills as they explore movement and music

  4. Enlarge Emotional Well-being: Dancing is a great way for children to express themselves and their emotions. It can help build self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, dance provides a positive outlet for children to release their energy and emotions in a safe and healthy way

Why Dance?

How to Enroll

Book a Trial

Using the below system. Please note our trial lessons are paid spaces. If a class is full, you can join the waiting list here.


If your child enjoys the trial class, you can enrol in the class with weekly payments. More details shared after your Trial


Attend weekly to continue your child's learning. Regular IDTA Exam & Performance Opportunities

Book a Trial Class


PeeWee Ballet






Rothbury Road Studios

PeeWee Ballet






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Monier Works Studios

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