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IDTA Exams

Showcasing hard work with recognised qualifications and certifications

Adore Dance London is an IDTA registered school.png

At a Glance:

  • For younger children, exams are about rewarding hard work with medals & banners, not scoring their progress

  • For older children, they offer positive feedback from an external dance expert with decades of experience, as well as, government recognised certificates & UCAS points

  • Students are awarded a certificate of achievement which tracks from ages 3-18+

  • Exams help them experience dance in a more format setting & gain confidence, whilst preparing them for future dance opportunities

  • The exams are practical, meaning that students perform their skills in front of an IDTA examiner who marks based on a number of factors, including technique, performance, and presentation.

Adore Dance are proud to offer IDTA (International Dance Teacher's Association) examinations in a variety of dance styles, including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Freestyle, Contemporary and more. As of 2023, our school has a 100% pass rate, and we are thrilled to see our children buzzing with excitement when they receive their results. Whilst exams are optional for students, we recommend taking part to award their hard work in classes each week.

The IDTA is a leading dance examination board that provides internationally recognised qualifications and certifications for both amateur dancers and professional dance teachers around the world. Adore Dance London offers introductory examinations from ages 3 from experienced and IDTA-qualified teachers who are passionate about dance and committed to providing the best possible learning experience for our students.

Taking examinations not only provides a sense of achievement and recognition for our students but also helps them to develop important life skills such as discipline, focus, and perseverance. Our students learn to set goals, work hard, and push themselves to achieve their best. More advanced exams even count towards UCAS!

Preparing for Exams

Preparing for an IDTA examination is an exciting and rewarding experience for our students. Our teachers work closely with each student to ensure they are well-prepared and confident before their examination day. Teachers will not enter students who are, even in the slightest, unprepared.

On the day of the examination, our students arrive dressed in their best dance attire, hair neatly styled, and ready to perform. IDTA examiners are professional and friendly, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for our students to showcase their skills. After the examination, students eagerly await their results, and we are always thrilled to see the look of joy on their faces when they receive their certificates, medals and results.


All long hair should be in a neat bun with a bun net, hair pins and hairspray to finish. No ponytails, and no hair down. Short hair just has to be smart.



Uniform is required for IDTA examinations.

  • For Ballet exams, female students are to wear dance uniform: classical leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes (no socks). 

  • For freestyle exam (ages 3), students are to wear leggings or shorts and a plain T-shirt hair and barefoot or black jazz shoes (white normal length socks).

  • For freestyle & star dance exams (ages 4+), female students are to wear classical leotard, black leggings and black jazz shoes.

All uniform items can be purchased >here<

Get in touch if you have any questions

Types of Exams

We offer a range of practical and theoretical exams in various dance styles including Classical Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Freestyle, Street Dance, and Musical Theatre.


Each dance style has its own set of grades, from Rosettes, Preparatory, Primary, Grades 1-5, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2, with specific requirements for technique, musicality, and performance quality. The increasing grades are designed to safely develop students' skills in their chosen dance style (relevant to their age) and to provide them with a structured framework for learning and development. 

Exam Dates

Adore Dance London aims to provide students with 2 exam sessions per year, firstly around Easter and secondly around October. Students will be invited to take part in their relevant sessions.

Next Exam: 3rd December

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