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Summer Show

Every year East London's leading dance school, Adore Dance London, presents its annual summer show. Showcasing the hard work, confidence and performance of Adore Dance London's students to parents, families & friends

Adore Dance London presents
" What a Feelin'! "
Summer Show 2024


Sunday, 9th June 2024

Show Times:
2:30pm / 6pm 

The Broadway Theatre, Barking IG11 7LS

Available in March

Useful Links:
Tickets / Parent Info / Rehearsal Schedule


Available from March 2024
Price TBC, approx £17 each

Parent Information

All information has been emailed out to the email address(es) we have on file for your child. Please check your inbox/spam carefully. 

Showdate Commitments    
Saturday, 9th June    10am - 8pm
Break times & Early finish for younger children under 4 to be confirmed

Rehearsal Commitments

Varies per group, please check below or email.

Parent Volunteers
Dance shows provide an invaluable opportunity for children to build confidence and be inspired. All dance shows rely heavily on the backstage helpers, without whom it would not be possible. We would like to encourage all parents to volunteer for one show, then attend the other. Without 50% of families being able to provide one volunteer for one show, unfortunately, it simply won't be possible        
Thank you so much for your support & understanding        

Ads in the program or other branding opportunities available to local businesses          

Rehearsal Commitments

Please check inbox/spam for most up-to-date schedule or see below. 
We endeavour to keep the schedule online as up to date as possible, but please note that emails overrule the online schedule.


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