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Adult Jazz Classes East London

Our Jazz Dance Lessons in Hackney Wick, Stratford, Bow & Hackney are the perfect place to start or continue your dancing journey

Jazz is a really fun dance style combining classical techniques with modern music. It’s suitable for all levels, total beginner and up!

Adore Dance London’s Jazz Dance Classes in Hackney Wick, Stratford, Bow & Hackney blend many different moves to access a broad range of styles. You can expect to learn basic dance skills, essential techniques and awesome routines whilst having serious fun. 


Jazz dance is a great place to start as a beginner as it combines various other styles into a modern & contemporary style of its own. Jazz incorporates styles such as Ballet, Musical Theatre, Commercial, Street & more with its own “Jazzy” flair! That’s why taking Jazz dance lessons (especially as a beginner) is one of the best opportunities to learn the foundations of dance & movement. 


Each of our jazz dance courses focuses on both having fun AND developing as a dancer. You’ll develop your steps, basic kicks, posture, footwork, arm movements & more. Needless to say, it’ll also do your core, fitness & coordination a whole lot of good as well, without even stepping into the gym!


Jazz dance arose with the jazz music boom in the United States and developed as a social style of dance combining traditional African American dance movements with more classical European styles of dance. However, since the 1940s  “Jazz Dance” has come to be used as an umbrella term to describe modern dance as seen in Hollywood movies & West End/Broadway shows, often to pop music.

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Beginner Jazz




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Beginner Jazz




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Omega Works, Roach Road

What To Expect

As with all Adore Dance London’s classes, the main focus is on Fun, Friendly & Welcoming dance classes, whilst still maintaining top tuition from amazing teachers. Over your jazz dance lessons with us, you can expect to:

  • Learn techniques & terminology used to describe Jazz steps, turns, kicks & movements

  • Improve your coordination, musicality, confidence & posture with friendly feedback from expert teachers

  • Be with the same group of likeminded adults to work on routines together each week, some groups even go for coffee before class

  • Small class sizes so teaching can be customised & directed to individuals rather than a huge group

  • Supportive and encouraging environment so you can flourish as a dancer whilst having a ton of fun

Perfect for you if...

  • Total beginners - You’re brand new to Jazz dance, or even dance in general

  • Reconnectors - You’ve had a few years off since dancing jazz before, maybe even back as a child and you fancy picking it up again

  • Improvers - you’ve danced Jazz recently for 6+ months as a beginner

  • Intermediate - you’ve danced Jazz recently for 12+ months as an improver/intermediate dancer

  • Advanced - You’re either a professional dancer or have been in full-time dance training

  • Teacher Training - You’re looking to take the next step and gain IDTA teaching qualifications


If you have any doubts about what level to come in at, get in touch –or– book in for our Beginner Class and the teacher will be able to help you choose which level would suit you best moving forward.


To further improve your Jazz dancing and broaden your dance horizons, we also recommend trying our Ballet Classes. Or Try our Barre Fitness to strengthen muscle groups used in Jazz Dance in East London.

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