Adult's Classes

With a strong emphasis on FUN, all our dance classes in East London offer expert tuition from qualified teachers across multiple genres. 
Beginners, intermediate & advanced levels are all welcome with various classes split by genre & level. 
Perfect for a taster into something new, or mastering a new skill.


5:30pm - 6:25pm

Adults Beginner Ballet — 55min

6:30pm - 7:25pm

Adults Beginner Jazz — 55min

7:30pm - 8:25pm

8:30pm - 9:25pm

Adults Intermediate Ballet — 55min

Adults Intermediate Jazz — 55min

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Flexible Class Membership available after 1st lesson

  • Developing further strength into Modern Jazz with a hint of commercial

    12 British pounds

Beginner vs. Intermediate

Perfect if you've never danced before or it's been a few years since you have. The emphasis is on FUN whilst still developing strength, technique and posture, as well as, learning combinations.


This is for you if you've danced at a similar level regularly within the last few years and have a basic understanding of dancing vocabulary, steps & repertoire. Still a FUN & social class, you'll go a little further into technique and learn more advanced combinations. 


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What to Wear
First Few Weeks

Anything cool & comfortable!
Classes are barefoot

Once you're settled

Specific clothing and shoes for each style are available