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Mental Health Benefits You Can Get from Dancing

Aside from being an excellent form of exercise, dance is an excellent way to express one’s creativity. In some cultures, dance remains a huge part of ceremonies and rituals and in many countries, dance is recreational and often done for entertainment.

But did you know that taking adult dance classes and dancing, in general, have mental health benefits that you should not miss out on? Read on to find out about the mental health benefits of dance in this post:

It Helps Improve One's Mood

Dance can affect your mood in a positive way. In general, dance can make a person feel more confident and happy about themselves. If you are in a bad mood, dance can help you feel better. Dancing can also increase one’s energy and stamina.

It Can Help Reduce Stress

As you dance, the body is breathing deeply and feels like you are able to relax. It is also a great way to reduce negative emotions. Dancing can help you relax your mind and relieve a lot of stress.

This can occur even if you are not particularly good at dancing.

For people who are good dancers, dance can help them perfect their skills. Dancing is often done in a group setting which can help you make new friends and can also minimise stress. While you are with friends, doing something you love, you can forget about the stressors of life.

It Can Improve Your Body Image

Dance makes you feel more in touch with your body. It can help you to appreciate and respect your body. Many people often feel uncomfortable in their own skin. A lot of this discomfort comes from poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, as well as from social media where everyone looks perfect. Dance can help you to become more comfortable in your body and to enjoy the beauty of your body as is. Having confidence is good for one's mental health as it helps negate insecurities.

It Releases Endorphins

Dance is a great exercise that helps release endorphins which are brain chemicals that make a person feel happy. Endorphins can also help your body let go of stress and tension.

It Increases Cognitive Function

Dance can have an impact on your attention span and can improve your concentration. It can also increase short-term memory and problem-solving skills. So if you feel like your work is draining your mind and you need to improve your focus, consider taking adult dance classes to enjoy the benefits of dancing to one's brain function.

It Improves Social Skills

Dance can help in building and improving social skills. Not only will you feel more comfortable in social settings and with people, but you will also have a way to interact with people even if you have a speech impairment or a hearing impairment. Dance is a great way to make new friends and to interact with people, even if you are shy.


Dancing is an excellent form of mental health therapy. It can help you relax, have fun, and can also improve your mood and your life. Do not forget to add dance as one of your leisure activities. If you are an adult, you can sign up for an adult dance class in your area. Keep in mind that mental health is just as important as physical health. So dance up a storm and be happy!

When you’re ready to start your adult dance classes in East London, Adore Dance is here to welcome you. We offer classes for ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and dance fitness.

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