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Addicted to Ballet? 10+1 Reasons We Just Can't Stop

Ballet has been one of the greatest arts for centuries and we find it in the largest theatres of the world.

But why do we love it?

1. Learning a New Skill

What skills do we acquire through ballet? Dance, as an art, puts us in a process of inner research and growth. It functions as a true connection between the dancer and his social environment, regardless of age. Ballet helps us acquire correct posture, endurance, strength, grace and harmony in movement, and improve their rhythm because they are required to dance to a variety of musical styles. However, it is remarkable to say that a very important skill we develop in a ballet class is to respect our bodies.

All of our teachers at Adore Dance London are professionals and highly skilled, qualified dance teachers to ensure you're learning in the best possible environment.

2. Making new friends

During ballet classes, we join groups in which we learn to collaborate, while also expressing our thoughts and worries. We make new friendships with people with whom we share common interests and ambitions. We are all here for the same reason: We LOVE to dance! We help each other in difficult steps, exchange creative ideas in a choreography, and listen to and encourage each other. In our classes at Adore Dance London, you'll be with the same people in the class each week, so not only does it mean you can work on routines together, but also you'll meet the same people in the class each week.

3. Ballet is fun!

It sounds strange based on the "stereotypes" of ballet teachers, but it’s true! Ballet is done with the primary goal of learning through play and enjoyment, especially at a young age. This gives children the impression that the next time they attend ballet class, they will learn something new while also having a lovely and creative time. As an adult, it's a great activity to release yourself and leave any problems at the door!

4. Fuels your energy

Ballet lessons teach us to respect our body and mind healthily and channel our energy constructively. You may need to be there 100% of yourself (body and mind) during the lesson, but when it ends you feel completeness and euphoria.

5. Creates a Love of Music

Music is frequently used to enhance what is happening on stage. But what is the connection between ballet and music? Music was an essential component of ballet when it first emerged as an art form in the 17th and 18th century. It took a long time for music to be equated to stage dance, but it didn't stop some of history's most popular composers from composing some of their most beloved ballet works.

Those who practice ballet develop an understanding and appreciation of classical music as well as for great composers who left us their plays as a legacy.

6. Expressiveness

Ballet technique allows our body to reach its expressive fullness. Dancers must be able to play expressively as well as dance. Many Principal Dancers and Prima Ballerinas have said “Dance what you feel”. Would you be impressed by a dancer who performed the steps perfectly but did not evoke any emotion? The answer is, No!! So, dance leaves us free to express ourselves no matter what is that we feel.

7. Encourages Discipline

At the sound of this word, we think that is something bad. But is that true?

One of the primary goals of ballet is discipline. Students can’t participate in the lesson as members of the group if they do not have it. Ballet emphasizes that no matter how tough one's goals are, they can be achieved with discipline, perseverance, and patience. It's worth noting that youngsters who take ballet courses appear to be considerably more mature in terms of organization and cooperation than other children.

8. Balance and Flexibility

Ballet stretches improve our flexibility and help us build strong and long muscles. Our body is getting released, our limbs are stretched, the tendons, the ligaments, the nerves, and the cartilage are softened. You can even increase your height as through the exercises your spine will align and lengthen again!

Regarding balance, the neurological system's coordination of muscles for walking and balancing actions was altered as a result of dance. Our weekly ballet lessons can help us gain balance and coordination, so it's never too late to start dancing!

Generally, ballet technique is based on balance and flexibility.

9. Ballet for all ages

If you want to practice ballet professionally, you'll need to put in a lot of time and effort, both physically and mentally.

There are also occasions where someone begins it at a theoretically "prohibitive" age to create a profession, but does so either because he has been pushed away, or for all the benefits ballet offers. Many people find it a more entertaining and creative way to escape their sedentary life than going to the gym. Everyone who wants to dance, everyone for their reasons and as far as everyone wants to go, must dare to do it whether they are a girl or a boy, whether they are young or old.

“Be unique, dare to dance”

10. Ballet is for boys too!

Ballet does not separate children as "boys" or "girls" and does not differentiate them, but treats them all as future dancers, offering advantages regardless of gender. After seeing all of the advantages that ballet may provide for boys, parents should begin to educate themselves on the issue of ballet and boys. Is it possible that the same parents and society that educate their children on the importance of variety by condemning racism develop racist sentiments toward males who desire to do ballet? No, I don't believe so. That is why, in order to be considered truly progressive and "good parents," we must first and foremost accept our children's genuine aspirations and dreams, even if it means allowing our seven-year-old boy to take ballet lessons. And who knows, maybe he will become the next Billy Elliot...

10+1. It's the foundation for dance

Ballet is the essential platform that many dancing styles are built on. It also creates professionalism and knowledge of one's body, meaning that Ballet dancers can quickly pick up choreography for other dances.

If you're considering Ballet lessons as an Adult or for your child, Join our Ballet classes in Hackney Wick now.

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