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A few words about Adore Dance London

Inspiring the love of dance

At ADORE DANCE LONDON we are passionate about the world of dance, we offer classes in Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary Tap, Theatre Craft, Freestyle & other forms of dance. We are based in Hackney Wick and are fortunate to have an excellent teaching staff. We see dance as a discipline where fun is fused with professionalism, charisma, energy, and passion. Our classes are easily accessible from Stratford, Hackney, Homerton, Bow, and the surrounding areas. These classes are available for all levels, from beginner to advanced, we provide IDTA Teacher training; and, agency services for UK event organisers looking to hire the best dance professionals for their event.

So, if you have no dance experience, are looking to try again, or want to train as a professional dancer take a look at our classes.

To learn to dance, first of all, choose which dance you would like to learn, don't think about it or get overwhelmed thinking about your age or how difficult it might be, let yourself be guided by the art of dance and don't hesitate any longer because that's what it's all about, to enjoy what you like the most.

Start dancing can be one of the best decisions you will make because dance is not limited to age and can be learned and enjoyed at any time of our lives, even without having any knowledge and starting from scratch. Moreover, it leads to many benefits. Dancing, whichever style you choose, is a great cardiovascular activity, which allows the development of coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance, and a sense of musicality and rhythm.

Ballet for adults, for example, brings with it great benefits as it helps to work both the mind and the body. Aerobic exercise, strength, and flexibility are necessary to practice this discipline, but it is also essential for memory, concentration, self-confidence, dedication, and commitment that comes with daily practice. So learning it or taking it up again in adulthood will help you achieve a strong and agile body as ballet is considered one of the most complete dance styles.

Children who practice ballet from an early age develop strong, flexible bodies and perfect posture, but this can also be achieved as adults. As it is practised, changes in the body can be detected, the spine is stretched and strengthened, as well as the rest of the body, and an increase in elasticity is noticed after several classes.

As in any sport, dance, in general, is considered an exercise and it helps to fight against ageing, or to have a better physical capacity which allows us to age without losing the quality of life. It also achieves an improvement in the mood just like sports, during the practice of any dance many endorphins are released, which is a hormone related to the regulation of mood and stress control.

From the experience of ADORE DANCE, we can say that dance can be interpreted from different perspectives as a physical activity that brings various health benefits which we have discussed, to as a social practice to connect more people or as entertainment with no other purpose than to enjoy a good time. That is why our academy offers different activities for all tastes, ages, and physical conditions.

We offer for all the bride and groom who want to make their first dance as husband and wife a beautiful memory in ADORE DANCE we are qualified to create a choreography to your liking and according to your capabilities, you will learn the technique and you can rehearse comfortably in a large space with mirrors, with the help of qualified teachers. In addition, you will be given a mix of your chosen music. It can usually take 3 to 5 hours of practice.

For children, jazz and ballet classes are offered, as well as other workshops that are classified according to age and level. Dance is a very positive and necessary activity for children and helps them in their training and development. It allows them to learn new ways of expressing themselves, stimulates their creativity and improves their self-esteem by discovering new abilities.

ADORE DANCE offers everything necessary for the dancer to develop as a professional in a wide range of dance styles because dance requires not only studies but also experience and work, as well as dedication, hard work, and effort. That is why we provide the necessary tools to conclude their training in a favourable way with the purpose of becoming versatile and trained professionals.

If you want to make an event or a show with dancers, you are in the right place. ADORE DANCE will make it happen, we have trained dancers with various styles and for all tastes from Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap, and freestyle among other styles of dance. We create choreographies to suit the client, so hiring our dancers is the best option for your level show.

As you can see, dance is an incredible language that can bring many benefits from the physical and emotional to recreational or work, it can change a person's life. At ADORE DANCE we invite you to put on your tights or tap shoes and take that step and start dancing because no matter the sex or age, dance is for everyone so feel free and move your feet.

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