Adult Ballet Classes in East London

Start Adult Beginner Ballet lessons today at East London’s leading hub of dance, Adore Dance London.

Beginner Ballet is our most popular adult dance class, perfect for those who’ve never danced before, as well as, those wanting a more gentle re-introduction to Ballet. You’ll be joining a friendly bunch of folks from around Stratford, Hackney Wick, Bow & Hackney. You’ll focus on learning the basic steps of Ballet, such as Pile, Tendu, Allegro etc and incorporating them into easy-to-learn routines. 

More experienced dancer? We run classes for all levels, check them out here.


  • Join up to 10 other local people in the class who fancy giving a Ballet class a try for the first time, or who haven’t danced in a while

  • Relaxed and non-judgemental environment suitable for all levels

  • Patient & High quality tuition from qualified & experienced instructors

  • After an easy but energetic warm-up, the class introduces the basic steps in ballet and you’ll learn their names

  • Towards the end of the class, you’ll use some steps to put into a routine which will develop over the weeks

Adore Dance London is a membership-based dance school, meaning after your first taster class the same people attend the same class each week. Not only does this mean you’ll get to know the people in the class and make new friends, but it also means that you can work on routines together as a group week-to-week and you don’t have to worry about rushing to book a place in the class as your booking & payment are automatic. This is the opposite of “drop-in style classes” at many other studios where you won’t know anyone in the class and there will be little continuity each week. It’s also more flexible than signing up for a 6 course as you’ll be able to skip weeks where you need to, and besides… how can you learn anything with much detail in just 6 weeks!

Dance is a perfect platform to improve your strength, flexibility and confidence - whilst also meeting new people and mastering a new skill. 

Try our available Adult Beginner Ballet class today:


Adult Beginner Ballet Classes @ Adore Dance

8:00pm - 8:55pm

Beginner Ballet 

Beginner Ballet

9:00pm - 9:55pm 

5:30pm - 6:25pm 

Beginner Ballet

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