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How to Enrol as a Class Member

Updated: May 26, 2022

We hope you or your child enjoyed your first class with us!

To continue attending the class each week, we ask you to sign up as a class member. Here's how!

1 . Follow the link sent to you by the class administrator after class

2 . If it's your first time with us, hit Sign Up

sign up

3 . Choose your preferred Sign Up Method

sign up method

4 . Follow the link in your inbox/spam to verify your email address

confirm email

confirm welcome email


5 . Once you've verified your email, go back to the email sent to you by the class administrator after class

Clicking the verification email takes you back to the home page, but you need to go to the enrolment page only found via the email to link


6 . Back on the enrolment page, Log In using the email & password you've just set up

log in page

log in account

7 . Complete your payment information & details and press "Buy Now"

payment method

8 . You're all set ! Thanks for signing up

Now just remember to let us know with 7 days notice on if you ever need to pause the membership for a week or two.

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