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Dance Lessons 101: What Beginners Have to Know

It’s no secret that we might be a little nervous, as well as, super excited for our first dance class. If you’re worried about starting from scratch, know that there are a few things that could calm your nerves.

Read on to discover the eight things every dance beginner should show.

Can you start dancing as an adult? Yes! You can can start at any age. We sometimes wait to go to dance class with a friend, then use that as an excuse if they keep delaying. Or maybe we think we have to "do it right" by enrolling in a long-term dancing course, despite the fact that the bulk of courses are "join anytime" and weekly. Dancing alone builds confidence, drive, new relationships, and a sense of community.

Indeed, it is never too late to start dancing. You can join a class with Adore Dance London any time! There's no termly or monthly commitment, just give it a go!

Love Your Body as You Dance

Moving your body in front of others can be frightening, triggering our darkest insecurities. We feel silly because of our lack of rhythm and awkwardness. You will, however, most likely not be the only newcomer. All our classes are a fun, welcoming & friendly space and are sometimes split into levels, total beginner, beginner, improver, intermediate and so on.

Feel good even if you think you dance funny. Remember, you can dance if you can walk.

Go with the Rhythmic Flow

Beginners, regardless of dancing style, must understand rhythm in order for their steps to fall on the correct beat. It symbolises a breakthrough once understood. This can be performed by repeating the most fundamental step to music until you find synergy, or by listening to the dance style's music while not dancing. The more you listen, the more you'll be able to distinguish between instruments and percussion beats, creating a map for your feet.

Posture Is Important

Posture comes before moves. Inadequate confidence and poor posture both played a role. Elevating your stance, rolling your shoulders back, and staring upward substantially improve your appearance as a beginner dancer. When moving our feet in certain dances, we bounce. Concentrating on a single point may be beneficial. This applies to salsa, tango, ballet, and more!

Dancing Is Also Brainwork

People are astonished at how tough dancing is, and even the most basic routines may be difficult for novices. Because these movements are unfamiliar, they appear to be impossible to learn. As you go along, you will notice that your mind is working. Dancing stimulates the same brain region as language learning and puzzle-solving. Because the brain is a muscle, it takes time for new movements to become natural.

Consider Mistakes as Gifts

As you progress in your dancing, know that you will fail frequently before you succeed. Errors and blunders are not setbacks, but rather possibilities for progress. As such, smile as you keep going. Keep calm and cheerful. Love your flaws as much as your beautiful leaps.

Build Artistic Patience

Most beginners become frustrated after 30 minutes because they can't grasp the principles. This is normal. You have to keep in mind, though, that patience and exercise yield fresh results. Nobody succeeds in dancing overnight. You can dance if you put in the time and effort, stick with it through mistakes, keep a positive attitude, and have fun.

Nobody Is Perfect

Nobody is ever pleased with their dancing, but some people learn faster than others. Even the most skilled dancers can spot flaws in their own dancing by watching videos of themselves, even when no one else notices them.

Dancing has endless improvement potential and is a lifelong skill and hobby. There is no such thing as perfection, not even in professional dancers!


Indeed, there is a big leap from being someone who doesn’t dance to becoming someone who attends dance classes. The important thing to remember is that dance is for everybody and that the skill takes time and patience, just like anything else. With that said, simply enjoy the learning curve and make the most out of your dance class experiences!

Are you looking for dance classes in Stratford? Adore Dance is here to offer all types of dance classes to both kids and adults. Give us a call today to learn more about our dance school!

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