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9 Undeniable Reasons to Get Back into Dance

Dance is a form of body expression that includes the movement of the entire body to the rhythm of music and dance classes at Adore Dance London are no different. Did you know that dance is one of the oldest activities in the history of humanity? Nowadays there are an infinite number of dances in different regions and cultures.

Dancing is gaining more and more popularity, with the great example being success of dance classes at Adore Dance London with sold out classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary & more. (PS Don’t worry, we’ll be launching more lessons very soon!). So, if you’re still thinking about taking dance lessons or have given up on them, it's time to put on your shoes, turn up the music and start dancing.

"Number 9 has to be the most important to me" Connor Taylor, Principal Teacher & Co-Founder, Adore Dance London

Are you not convinced? No problem because on this article I will tell you the 9 undeniable reasons to take dance lessons again:

  1. Your health will improve: Dancing improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart over time as it is an activity that requires effort, accelerates blood irrigation, as well as expanding lung capacity. Dancing is the best option for those people who want a fun way to exercise

  2. Say goodbye to osteoporosis: Would you like your bone to continually weaken? Surely the answer is a resounding no. I can't think of a more fun and effective way to strengthen the bones other than with dancing. As we have implied before, dancing is a strength exercise that prevents the loss of bone mass and, on the other hand, it keeps the joints more flexible without stressing them, that is, without being a high-impact exercise such as running or martial arts. There are many dances that strengthen different bones in a prolonged time such as the tibia, the fibula, among others.

  3. Your body will look even better than before: The dances are not only fun, since like all physical activity, it increases caloric intake, favours the drainage of liquids in the body, helps to release toxins, all these are factors that contribute to weight loss. Did I mention that you can also tone your muscles through dancing? The body can be moulded through dance classes with professionals with practice who teach you the proper execution of the dances. The muscles that can benefit the most are the legs, buttocks, abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, among others. If this point is super important to you, we recommend our Signature Barre Fitness class.

  4. Flexibility and resiliency within reach of your feet: When dancing, a certain dexterity, flexibility and resistance are required to perform a dance to avoid injuries. A study from the University of Washington found that dancing helped improve the ability to move in Parkinson’s patients. Practicing dances for long periods of time allows you to develop greater resistance to physical activity for longer periods of time without fatigue.

  5. Exercise your brain to the beat of music and dance: Our brain is a great intelligent machine that works all the time, activating neural circuits as well as motor skills in both hemispheres. What makes dance an effective tool to train and strengthen the brain? Simple, dancing is a stimulant for the brain, because it must coordinate different areas of the body in a single moment.

  6. You will feel happier: Dancing is a fun and different activity, you learn to build confidence with dance and you fill yourself with joy that stays with you for the rest of the day. Dancing releases endorphins which help fight depression in mild cases. Dancing also allows you to gain self-confidence as your technique improves each week. This is especially true in our Ballet Classes, where you can see yourself improve on within the first few weeks.

  7. Leave the stress of life aside: The music, the dance and the environment generate a pleasant, warm and worry-free atmosphere. It only matters to follow the rhythm, your body is free and your mind is completely clear for a period of time, clearing your mind can give you a better solution to a problem. Let sorrows, annoyances and worries dance away.

  8. You give yourself the opportunity to learn something new: Each dancing style is a small world to discover. In many cultures around the world, dancing is part of folklore and learning dances from another region presents an opportunity to learn about the culture, dance techniques, rhythms and their variants among many other things. Adore Dance London offers Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary & Barre Fitness classes for Adults & Children, and potentially even more in the future, so there's something for everybody!

  9. Meet new friends with a shared experience: This is the most important to us at Adore Dance London, because dance has the incredible ability to connect people from different backgrounds and is an ideal environment to meet new friends. It is a space that facilitates communication with other people in a respectful way. It is true that moments with friends are more fun and memorable, and it is not impossible that you could even find love in a dance class.

Final thoughts

Taking dance lessons is something that will undoubtedly change your life in a positive way as there are so many benefits for physical and mental health. Don’t wait any longer; it's your time to go out into the world to dance, take your dance classes or if you haven't been to one, the time is now.

Someone once said dancing is one of the best shortcuts to happiness, because in seconds sadness, sorrow, worries and annoyances can disappear.

A new world of many possibilities awaits you; let yourself be carried away by the music and take dance lessons, believe us when we tell you that you will not regret it.

Do you dare to return to dance?

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