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Why Should Wedding Couples Hire Choreographers For the First Dance?

Aside from the first kiss, another event during a wedding most people await is the couple’s first dance. It is the moment where they first manifest their union, making every guest feel butterflies to the sound of the couple’s theme song. However, the first dance isn’t as easy as stepping back and forth along the beat. It is a choreographed dance focusing on intimacy and love for each other. Therefore, why is it vital for couples to hire a choreographer to teach them their first dance? Here are some ideas.

1. Impress Guests

Although a wedding is a private affair, it is a social event where friends and relatives gather. Thus, the couple’s first dance should be a moment in which their friends and guests feel touched by their heartwarming dance. As such, it should be more than just simple steps and poses. A choreographer can help the couple achieve this by creating a routine that is well-thought-of and satisfying to watch.

2. Reduces Wedding Jitters

Wedding jitters are common among couples, especially if it will be the first time that they will be dancing during the reception. On the other hand, others might get nervous wildly if they are kissing their partner or doing a pirouette. With a choreographer, both the bride and groom, groom & groom, or bride & bride can be confident that they won’t fall flat in front of their audience, as they will already know what to expect and how to do it.

3. Saves Couples Time

Hiring a choreographer is essentially hiring a personal trainer. This helps people achieve the body of their dreams by providing them with the diet, exercise, and fitness advice they need. Similarly, a choreographer helps the couple shape their first dance into something they want to show off to the guests. The best part is that the couple will only have to spend a few hours with the choreographer to achieve the goal.

4. Adds Spice to the Wedding Video

Filming an event can be tedious and uncomfortable, especially if it is the couple’s first dance. Although a wedding videographer can focus on capturing the couple’s emotions, all of their best angles, and their moves, they will still have to take breaks to rest. It can be a problem if they have to do it all night. With the help of a choreographer, they will only have to do it during the few hours they have booked. Alternatively, it can be filmed and edited to create a more personal and enjoyable product.

5. Gets Couples in the Mood

The first few hours before the wedding can be stressful for couples. It is understandable for them to feel stressed, knowing that they have to enjoy their first hour as a married couple in front of their family and friends. With a choreographer, they can focus on the steps, movements, and poses of the dance instead of their wedding day jitters. Taking dance classes will help them be in the mood for the reception, which is the whole reason for the wedding.

6. Calm before the storm

The few weeks leading up to the wedding are full of emotions like excitement, nervousness & more. Practicing your first dance with the one you love provides some fun & enjoyment in an otherwise stressful time. It's "you" time, where the both of you learn a new skill, spend quality time together and get excited for the big day. You'll also have something different to talk about, rather than the colour of the napkins!


Couples should make sure that they will have a memorable first dance. Although it might be an easy dance that requires little effort, it is their first dance as a married couple. As such, it should be unique and memorable for their guests too. If a couple wants to inject a more intimate feel into their dance, hiring a choreographer is necessary.

Adore Dance London is a dance studio for adults and children in East London. We offer wedding dance lessons to couples learning the ropes to their first dance together.

Classes for wedding couples start from £45 per hour (including private studio hire). Never fear presenting in front of your guests through a couple of classes from our trained and experienced instructors.

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