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Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Ballet Technique

There are many ways to improve your dance style and technique. Young dancers will go through years of training that will transform the way they dance over the years. If you are an aspiring young dancer, this blog post will shed light on some of the best ways to improve your dance style and technique.

Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Ballet Technique

1 - Go Back to the Basics

At the very start of your training, you learned how to do plies, tendus and grand battements. You kept doing it over and over again until your feet, legs, and arms could do the movement with ease. Be honest, how often do you do these basic steps?

If you are practising daily, you should be doing them daily too! Practice the tendu, or split, for example, with a good warm-up every time you dance. The basic steps also help you remember your training and allow you to incorporate them into your routine.

2 - Get Warmed Up Before Every Class

You have learned that warming up for a class is an important part of the dance training process. Just like with any sport, you will be more likely to avoid injuries if you warm up beforehand. The muscles will be less stiff, and you are preparing your body for the movements ahead.

3 - Practice Reviewing Your Steps

What if you could remember every step in your repertoire while maintaining your technique? It is not a dream but a reality! As you work on your technique, you can easily remember to practice your steps. When you see a step that you have already learned before, practice it as though you never saw it before.

This is a great way to remember your technique, as well as review forgotten steps. You can then build upon what you know and understand that your technique is improving as you go.

4 - Watch Dance Videos

Before you start dancing, you will watch your favourite dancers. You will continue to do this throughout your career. The more that you watch professional dancers perform, the more your style will change to reflect your favourites. When you watch other dancers, pay attention to the way that they move, and pay attention to their technique.

5 - Listen to Music

If you love dancing to music, you will always have a favourite song or artist. You can keep improving your dance style by listening to the same song or artist over and over again. You will start picking up on certain details that are different, and this will inspire you to change your body's movements.

6 - Have Fun While Dancing

The more fun you have when dancing, the more that you will get out of the experience. You will actually look forward to class time, which leads to a greater improvement in your dance style and technique.


There are many ways to improve your dance style and technique, many of which can be as simple as incorporating a few of the tips above. Start by looking back at your basics, and then consider trying some of the suggestions above.

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