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Choosing the Right Dance Studio In London (For yourself or your child)

Most dance studios have friendly dance teachers with experience teaching kids of all ages and skill levels. So the question is, if on the surface their offerings are similar, does it even matter which studio your child goes to?

The short answer is "yes"!

Several things can make a massive difference in the quality of dance instruction your child gets and how much they will enjoy the lessons and dancing itself. Remember that all famous dancers in all styles had their love of dance inspired somewhere; most often at a local dance school.

To help you out, we are sharing some of the most important things that a parent should consider when choosing a dance studio for their child:

Size of the Class

Smaller classes are preferable because they allow for more individualised instructions. This is especially important for younger kids as the teacher can also better maintain control over their classes. A small class also means the teacher can ensure every student understands the concepts and steps they teach and that the little ones build the right habits and practise proper technique.

Teacher's Qualifications

A new survey conducted on behalf of the RAD by YouGov revealed that 89% of adults in the UK were not aware that there is currently no legal requirement for dance teachers to have a relevant dance teaching qualification to lead a dance class or a school. Whilst dancing is great fun, it can also be dangerous in the short & long term without proper instruction. Ensure that your dance teacher is registered and qualified with a professional dance body, e.g. IDTA, ISTD, RAD.

The teacher's experience is also important, especially when you are seeking more advanced tuition. Choose a teacher who has professional dance experience if you wish to peruse this career path.

Reviews & Customer Service

For many studios, the studio owner is the teacher and also takes care of administrative tasks. Because they handle everything, it's possible for some classes to suffer because the teacher needs to use the time to address customer service concerns or take care of administrative responsibilities. Also look at the reviews on Google Maps or Facebook, as well as, considering a dance studio with administrative staff and teachers who are focused on only teaching.

Type of Dances Taught

If your child hasn't figured out what type of dance they want to do yet, it's a good idea to enrol them in a school where kids are allowed to take multiple classes to determine whether they want to focus on ballet, modern or hip hop, jazz, or ballroom, for instance. This way, they can try different dances and figure out which one they want to study further.


Naturally, you'd want your child to go to a dance studio with good facilities. It doesn't have to be all sleek and modern, but you want to be sure it's clean and safe—for instance, the type of dance floor matters. Dance, after all, is a physical activity that often involves jumping. This can be stressful on the joints and bones of dancers. A studio with a "sprung floor" is preferable.

A sprung floor is what you call a dance floor resting on a system of high-density foams that helps absorb the shock of jumping. The topmost layer of the dance floor also matters. A vinyl composite floor is globally accepted as one of the best surface layers for both recreational and professional use.

Fees & Policies

Most dance schools offer paid or free trial classes to try out a class before enrolling as a student, often paying monthly or termly. You'll need to give extended notice if you would like to cancel. Other schools, like Adore Dance London, offer flexible weekly payments to suit you and your availability, with only a weeks notice required to cancel. "Pay-as-you-go" style classes are also an option for those seeking the best flexibility, however, this often comes as a compromise of losing the social side of being with the same people in class each week. Also consider the other terms & conditions, as well as, safeguarding policies to ensure the company is reputable and you do not lose money.


Your choice of dance studio for you or your child matters. After all, this studio will likely be a second home for years to come, and it will play a significant role in how you & your child progresses as a dancer. So when you sign up for kids' dance classes in Stratford, learn as much as possible about the dance studio and make sure it meets your standards.

Adore Dance is a trusted studio with degree-educated, qualified dance teachers that offers kids dance classes in Stratford. We offer lessons in ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, jazz, and tap dance for beginner and advanced dancers. Contact us to know more about our dance classes today!

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