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Are Dance Classes and Tutorials in London Expensive?

How much dance classes are and whether they're expensive is a common question among these people who ask when they consider dancing as a hobby or profession. The cost of living in London is deemed high, so budgeting is a must within this incredibly vibrant and thrilling place.

Dance classes and tutorials in London can be a great way to improve your fitness, learn new skills, and meet new people. However, they can be quite an investment. Sessions can go around £12 to £30 depending on the exact area, and even more so when you take them daily for a year at a university.

What to consider when thinking about dance style & pricing

1) Dance Tutorial Type

Each type of dance tutorial has a different price tag. For instance, group classes are for those who want to learn how to dance in a fun and social setting. They are cheaper than private lessons as the fees add up across the class. On the other hand, private lessons are more expensive because they require the instructor's undivided attention to learn a specific dance style.

2) Dance Class Schedule

The schedule of the dance class affects the price, so you'll need to consider your budget according to the cost of the course. Classes held during the week, for example, are typically less expensive than those held on weekends. This is because dance studios are usually open for longer hours during the week, which allows them to offer more classes at a lower price point.

3) Teaching Experience

A dance instructor's experience & qualifications contributes to the dance tutorial's price. Instructors with more experience typically charge more for their classes, but they may also offer a higher quality of instruction. However, it's important to read reviews and ask around to see if the instructor is a good fit for your learning style and needs.

4) Learner’s Discipline

Some dances are more physically demanding, so you'll need to be prepared to invest more time and effort into learning them. Dances like ballet require more props and equipment, which can drive up the cost of classes. This is because specialised tutorials tend to be smaller in size, which allows the instructor to give more individualised attention to each student.

5) Studio Location

The cost of classes might be influenced by the location of the dancing studio. If the studio is located in a highly populated area, it's likely to charge more for its classes than a studio in a smaller town. There's also the quality of the studio itself, as some places more furnished and complete in their amenities will require a higher payment, depending on the circumstances.

6) Local Dance Competition

Some dance studios offer the opportunity for students to compete in local dance competitions. Many studios will require their students to pay a participation fee to compete. The competition for students may be higher if the studio is situated in a city with many dance schools, which can result in higher costs.


As you can see, all of these factors play a key role in the final price that a student pays for dance classes. Get a better idea of how much to pay and get for dancing classes if you consider these aspects. But to answer the question....

How much are adult dance classes in London?

Most studios in London charge between £10 and £14 per hour, depending on the studio location, style, teacher's experience/qualifications & how many others are in the class. At Adore Dance London located in Hackney Wick (zone 2) East London, our adult dance classes are £9 for 40min, £12 for 1 hour or £14 for 1.5hrs. We also offer private lessons from £50 per hour.

How much are children's dance classes in London?

For three year olds, four year olds, five year olds six year olds and older, most studios in London charge between £9 and £12 per hour, depending on how many other students are in the class, the teacher's experience/qualifications and location. At Adore Dance London located in East London (zone 2), our children's dance classes are £5 for 30mins, £9 for 1h and £13 for 1.5hrs. We also offer private lessons for £45 per hour.

Looking for some fun dance classes in Hackney Wick? Adore Dance offers Ballet, Jazz, Tap Contemporary, Commercial & Dance Fitness Classes from a purpose-built dance studio. Get in touch with us today!

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