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Adore Dance - Top Dance Social Media Accounts to Follow

Do you need the motivation to be the best dancer you can be?

Are you looking for inspiration to do better or to push yourself even harder?

Maybe you don't feel like you have what it takes to accomplish your dance goals.

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If you find yourself in this mindset, keep an eye on these incredible dancers on Instagram. They dedicate themselves to training as hard as they can and love doing it. So many talented people will be able to motivate and inspire you. Videos are becoming increasingly more common on Instagram, so there are more opportunities than ever before to watch these dance schools.

Top Dance Social Media Accounts to Follow and Watch

1 - Millennium Dance Complex - @mdcdance

Millennium Dance Complex (MDC) is one of the most popular dance schools in California. They have a great Instagram account which shows the school's dancers in action and having fun. They also post a lot of behind-the-scenes photos and vlogs. There is also a lot of content which is exclusive to their websites, like interviews and performances. It is definitely worth checking out their website to see how dedicated the MDC dancers are to the art of dance.

2 - Ysabelle Capitulé - @ysabellecaps

Ysabelle is a professional dancer who has amazing hip-hop dance moves! If you caught Bruno Mars and Cardi B's Finesse (Remix) video, she was in it.

3 - Greg Chapkis - @gregchapkis

Greg is a young dancer from Ukraine who is becoming very well-known. He started his career on the dance show "So U

Think U Can Dance" and currently travels the world performing and teaching dance workshops.

4 - @ballerinaporcelain

This account feed pays homage to one of the most elegant eras of dance. The feed showcases are very beautiful and include nostalgic snippets from the golden years of dance.

5 - @issadancelook

This feed was started by Pittsburgh-based Joy-Marie Thompson, a student at the Purchase College dance conservatory. It started out as a feed to showcase the dazzling outfits of Thompson's dancer friends. It has since turned into a global feed that many dancers contribute to showcasing hybrid dance outfits that can be worn when outside the studio.

6 - @kikos.kloset

California-based dancer Kayla Dickie started this page. The main purpose of this page is to show that you can still be able to dance in everyday attire. Her focus in fashion leans toward vintage clothes. Her videos show her dancing in some of the most fashionable vintage outfits and dresses.

7 - @blackboysdancetoo

This account focuses on "The World of Dance Through A Black Man's Eyes". One of the highlights of this page is @calvinroyaliii, who is the first black male principal dancer in the ABT (American Ballet Theatre).

8 -

We saved the best to last, make sure you follow Adore Dance London's updates on social media!


The possibilities for dance are growing every day. More people are being exposed to the art form and becoming attracted to it. There are more and more opportunities for dancers to learn from the experts. Instagram is one of the best platforms for dancers to connect with their peers and people who are also interested in dance.

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